Tiny Digital Voices


Digital Voices was a 2001 Xerox project which investigated machine-machine communication using sound, aiming to make it both efficient and aeshtetically pleasing. Follow that link, and listen to some of the samples.

My interest is to implement this kind of protocol on smartphone and on Arduino, so my phone knows what my robot is thinking. It should impose very little cost at the robot end - just a speaker and a microphone, really. It will build on the realtime audio generation we implemented for World'O'Music, as well as on the Digital Voices ideas and code.

Progress so far extends to an Android implementation, available from the Digital Voices github, and a proof-of-concept DTMF recogniser by John Honniball which demonstrated that we could run a correlation detector on an Arduino at audio frequencies.

Next steps - improve the performance of the Android port, play with some of the other DV encodings, pick one to implement for Arduino, build army of tiny tootling bots.

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