Silver QR codes

(10/10, for the occasion of Sara & Mel's wedding)


Specs are the same as the brass ones, but these are machined on my CNC Taig from 1mm sterling silver sheet and blackened with Platinol.

The code is 12.7mm square, with a module size of 0.6mm. It's a version 1 code, the smallest QR possible, so it's 21 modules square. Denso's specs say it should be able to store 20 chars at ECC level M, but I only managed to fit an 18 char URL in on ECC level L. That means I need to use a short URL and a redirect to the real target, which isn't as nice an experience as putting the target URL in the QR code.

Useful QR generators can be found here and here. Denso do define a smaller code, 'Micro QR', but there are few generators and fewer readers for that, so it would be useless in the field.

At this module size, it seems that not all phone cameras will do a reliable decode, because they just won't focus close enough.

Shanks are 11mm of 1.5mm wire. Fronts are 15mm square, 1mm sterling, and the backs are 8mm square. Finish on the fronts is a fine swirly pattern done in 1500 grit wet & dry. A matt finish is required to make them scannable in any real-world lighting conditions.

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